How Honeybee met JF

•February 10, 2009 • 2 Comments

beeSince this month marks the anniversary of when we “met”, I thought I would share our odd little story.

Yes, we are another one of those couples that met online, though for some reason, I always forget that. Maybe its because our romance didn’t really start there, or maybe it’s just so long ago, that it feels as if we have known each other forever.

Anyway new to chatting as I was, I got some random message from a guy “S”. We had a decent little talk and some time later the same guy sends another message, but asking who I was, etc. As it turns out the first guy had left our chat up on the screen but was using another guy’s computer. Yeah, you guessed it. JF’s computer!

I never imagined we would ever be together. For one thing, he was in India. For another, we were both seeing other people, although both relationships were headed south. We continued chatting regularly. One time I even saw him on webcam, from work (tsk tsk). Months passed and he told me he would be coming to US for work. We both admit that it crossed our minds right away about meeting! But we didn’t discuss it. He tells me now he was really excited to think about meeting me, but I’m not sure 😉 In the meantime, both of our previous relationships ended and he came to work in the state next to mine. I don’t think this changed much between us. We went on chatting as usual. On occasion we would “joke” about meeting. A few times we talked on the phone. Slowly the thought of meeting started to get more serious. Unfortunately, he had no car, little money and was rooming with other people, and my situation wasn’t much different. To make it short, we didn’t have the opportunity, not at that time.

It hurts sometimes to think of what happened next.  There were complications. Not between us, but in our own personal lives. And somehow our chatting dropped to rare status. Life shifted course. It would be a year later that we crossed paths again, and this time we were back with a vengeance! Sparks flew, Birds sang, and I think the Earth’s rotation just might have been altered verrry slightly. But there were still complications…

It never ceases to amaze me how one minute seemingly unimportant action can change one’s whole future in an instant. I want to say a big thank you to “S” for connecting two soulmates, albeit unknowingly! 😀


Our Slumdog Review

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sdWe finally got to see this movie recently so decided to share our review with you guys. I’m going to try not to give away anything important, but if you haven’t seen it, you *may* not want to read on. What I am writing is both of our opinions, unless specified.

Now… on to the Q&A (BTW, this movie was based on a book titled “Q&A” by Vikas Swarup)

1. What was the best part?
Definitely, the answer to this is the child actors. They were awesome!! And not just for the cuteness factor, nor the irony(I later found out they are actual slum kids). They were just really good actors.

2. What do you think of the lead actor, Dev Patel?
He is ok. He did a decent job, but not outstanding. I could tell he was not born and raised in India… It was clear through his mannerisms. (Interestingly, JF didn’t pick up on that.)

3. And what about the lead actress, Freida Pinto?
Well…. she was …. just too model-y. Too, I don’t know. Perfect?
We much preferred the “middle” or younger teen “Latika”. She was very pretty but looked more real and, dare I say, more Indian.

4. Were there any song and dance numbers typical of most Indian movies?
Not during the movie, though there were a couple songs which played in the background here and there(like in Hollywood movies), but at the end, as the credits played there was one. And the shocking thing was, the other movie goers, mostly American, actually sat through the credits to watch it. Very Happy

5. Some articles have been criticizing the movie for portraying a western stereotype of India. Do you agree?
Overall, no. Maybe the call center, and definitely the Taj Mahal, but its showing of India itself (not necessarily the characters) were pretty real. They did show the gap between rich and poor but not much in between. And it wasn’t meant to be a documentary, so that’s fine. I felt most of the things shown aren’t what Americans think or know about India. Thank goodness there were no snake charmers!

6. Any final bits?
Nice cinematography. Shows a good movie can be made without lots of skin. Curse words not translated in the subtitles, haha! There were many good parts/actors of course, I can’t write everything here.  The torture scenes may have been too extreme.

**No points added for bathroom humor, though the audience did seem to enjoy it.

Lost in translation

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Alright Y’all…. Kannada is HARD!  I didn’t expect it to be easy but… not this hard! I feel like I can’t grasp any more of it than I knew a few years ago and that’s almost nothing. The words are long. The sentences complex. And I know a bit of 2 other Indian languages!!!!! I don’t find them nearly this difficult. 

Some of it might be age. What a depressing thought that is. Am I too old to learn this? Darn. Some of it is definitely exposure, meaning that I haven’t had any. I’m staying positive, thinking that will change and it will slowly get easier, but when I try to learn…. I lose my faith. I’m retaining very little. 

Have you ever seen the Sex and the City scene where Carrie is in Paris at a restaurant and everyone at the table is speaking French? That is going to be me! Except much dorkier, and sitting on the floor eating with my hands.


•February 3, 2009 • 2 Comments

A while ago in India,  I had bought some vicco toothpaste on an impulse. I had not really checked the ingredients, but once I did I saw it had parabens and SLS in it. So disappointing for what is supposed to be herbal and ayurvedic. This is a concern to me with moving to India. A lot of things don’t have a proper list of ingredients at all. At the same time, most of the traditional and all natural remedies are falling at the wayside being deemed too old fashioned and inferior to the modern products.  It’s unfortunate.

The other day, I was in my local health foods store and I noticed they also carry Vicco!  Next time I go I’ll check if the ingredients on this are any different. It’s unlikely, but worth a shot. I have heard the vicco powder does not have the parabens though.

In the meantime, looks like I will be sticking to my usual fennel toothpaste.

TMI, but…

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I’ve been thinking, if I move to India, I really need to buy at least two(or three) good bras. I guess the obvious thing is, I need to do that even if I don’t move to India, but for some reason it seems an urgent matter if we move.  Strange the way the mind works.

I can never find a good bra. I need one that is comfy, has support, and actually fits.  A tall order? Any recommendations? (Close your eyes, guys, if there are any guy readers that is!)

Disclaimer: I’m not typically one who talks about her bras, or lack thereof, in public, but the anonymity online does wonders! *wink*

Coming soon: our review on Slumdog Millionaire

Where has the time gone?!

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I know it’s been  a long time since I’ve updated this blog.  It seems so hard to find time to write and I’m not even a busy person!

I have several things on the back burner…. I hope to get to some of them soon!


•January 6, 2009 • 10 Comments

Is it silly to think so much about something which may not even happen? Probably. C’est la vie. Ou, c’est moi? Je ne sais pas et je ne parle pas francais. I think thinking too much is frying my brain.

Well, if it does fail to happen, which may be a good thing, I might feel foolish sharing all this, but I will do it anyway. Isn’t that what blogging is all about? hehe. I’ve already started planning what to pack, and many other logistics. Yes, I’m a dork.

To get to the point, we had been discussing our feelings on the possible move. One topic that came up are things we will miss from our life here. 

Starting with obvious ones, personal freedoms. Here there is no one to pry into our personal choices, and can pretty much get away with doing whatever we choose without anyone batting an eye. And we do have a lot of choice! Although I don’t expect most of my lifestyle choices to raise eyebrows in India, I am expecting to be the subject of relatively more gossip.

Another personal choice is the opportunity to live a fairly healthy lifestyle if you want to. Namely, organic and natural products. In India labeling is sketchy at best, and adulteration is rampant. There’s another side to that, but I will get to it later.

Then of course, the things we take for granted… safe(ish) water, smooth easy driving roads, A/C, and especially – less bugs!

A big one, possibly the biggest one we will miss is earning in dollars. Ugh. Neither of us are big spenders and I’m sure we will be okay while in India, assuming the employment is good, but saving in rupees to return to US  is almost futile. Boo hoo.

Which reminds me of the next one… joint family living. No, we wont be living in one of those ultra modern high-rises in the fancy schmancy part of town. We will be living with them. 0.O Well, sort of, not exactly, but yes. I’ll save a special post just about that one, lol. Actually, I’m not opposed to it at all, nor do I have unrealistic expectations. I don’t foresee it being a huge problem, but I’m used to independence for the most part. I’m also largely adjusting. More of that later.

I’ll probably add more later, but for now, I will end with …. yes, are you all thinking it?        Are ya?    What. am. I. gonna. do. without……… Toilet Paper.     I guess I really mean the whole bathroom situation. I don’t mind washing with a bucket, but one day I may miss a hot shower. I can see it happening. And I admit it, I don’t really like a wet bathroom. I can squat pee in Indian toilets with the best of them, and I can clean with water too… but for how long? I guess I will find out. I can see myself getting tired of that, but I also think I can deal.(I know tp is available there. I have the impression its expensive though, and I don’t think my IL’s pipes can take it. Plus its wasteful. Oh, that and pads! Ack!!)

Two common things that are not on my list are family/friends and food. It’s not that I haven’t thought of them, but I’m not expecting them to be major factors for me. 

What about you? Have you given any thought to it, or what you would miss? If you live in India after living in the west, what things do you miss?