Other Blogs of Interest


Bloggers in mixed culture relationships (Indian subcontinent and other, aka masala couples), westerners living in India, and others. 

{I have lots that I visit, but I need to get them organized before posting here. I will start with the sweetest ones, who leave comments 😀 If you would like to  be added, or removed from this list, just pop me an email at honeybeeluvsjackfruit at gmail dt com or leave a comment here :)}

Sweet and spicy masala couples:

Jessica at http://www.eastwestmarriageblog.com/

Elizabeth at http://agoodtraveler.com/

Heather at http://www.indianties.blogspot.com/

Minnie at http://minnesotameetskarnataka.wordpress.com/

Cyn at http://cynublog.blogspot.com/

Gorigirl at gorigirl.com

Di at http://chaiandallthatjazz.blogspot.com/

Andrea at http://milwaukeemasala.wordpress.com/

Awesome desi blogs:

RBK at http://rbksrealm.blogspot.com/



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