Our Slumdog Review

sdWe finally got to see this movie recently so decided to share our review with you guys. I’m going to try not to give away anything important, but if you haven’t seen it, you *may* not want to read on. What I am writing is both of our opinions, unless specified.

Now… on to the Q&A (BTW, this movie was based on a book titled “Q&A” by Vikas Swarup)

1. What was the best part?
Definitely, the answer to this is the child actors. They were awesome!! And not just for the cuteness factor, nor the irony(I later found out they are actual slum kids). They were just really good actors.

2. What do you think of the lead actor, Dev Patel?
He is ok. He did a decent job, but not outstanding. I could tell he was not born and raised in India… It was clear through his mannerisms. (Interestingly, JF didn’t pick up on that.)

3. And what about the lead actress, Freida Pinto?
Well…. she was …. just too model-y. Too, I don’t know. Perfect?
We much preferred the “middle” or younger teen “Latika”. She was very pretty but looked more real and, dare I say, more Indian.

4. Were there any song and dance numbers typical of most Indian movies?
Not during the movie, though there were a couple songs which played in the background here and there(like in Hollywood movies), but at the end, as the credits played there was one. And the shocking thing was, the other movie goers, mostly American, actually sat through the credits to watch it. Very Happy

5. Some articles have been criticizing the movie for portraying a western stereotype of India. Do you agree?
Overall, no. Maybe the call center, and definitely the Taj Mahal, but its showing of India itself (not necessarily the characters) were pretty real. They did show the gap between rich and poor but not much in between. And it wasn’t meant to be a documentary, so that’s fine. I felt most of the things shown aren’t what Americans think or know about India. Thank goodness there were no snake charmers!

6. Any final bits?
Nice cinematography. Shows a good movie can be made without lots of skin. Curse words not translated in the subtitles, haha! There were many good parts/actors of course, I can’t write everything here.  The torture scenes may have been too extreme.

**No points added for bathroom humor, though the audience did seem to enjoy it.


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