Lost in translation







Alright Y’all…. Kannada is HARD!  I didn’t expect it to be easy but… not this hard! I feel like I can’t grasp any more of it than I knew a few years ago and that’s almost nothing. The words are long. The sentences complex. And I know a bit of 2 other Indian languages!!!!! I don’t find them nearly this difficult. 

Some of it might be age. What a depressing thought that is. Am I too old to learn this? Darn. Some of it is definitely exposure, meaning that I haven’t had any. I’m staying positive, thinking that will change and it will slowly get easier, but when I try to learn…. I lose my faith. I’m retaining very little. 

Have you ever seen the Sex and the City scene where Carrie is in Paris at a restaurant and everyone at the table is speaking French? That is going to be me! Except much dorkier, and sitting on the floor eating with my hands.


~ by honeybeeluvsjackfruit on February 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “Lost in translation”

  1. I agree!! Kannada is tough. How are you learning it? I tried an online course, but it was hard to keep up my enthusiasm for it when my husband and his parent’s laughed at it saying nobody actually speaks like that. I’ve searched for books and other materials, but haven’t found much. Have you?

  2. I haven’t tried through any official means… just through JF… and he can’t even remember the familial terms! Sigh.

    This blog is really good though… again just for words here and there, but that’s a start. http://english2kannada.blogspot.com/

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