A while ago in India,  I had bought some vicco toothpaste on an impulse. I had not really checked the ingredients, but once I did I saw it had parabens and SLS in it. So disappointing for what is supposed to be herbal and ayurvedic. This is a concern to me with moving to India. A lot of things don’t have a proper list of ingredients at all. At the same time, most of the traditional and all natural remedies are falling at the wayside being deemed too old fashioned and inferior to the modern products.  It’s unfortunate.

The other day, I was in my local health foods store and I noticed they also carry Vicco!  Next time I go I’ll check if the ingredients on this are any different. It’s unlikely, but worth a shot. I have heard the vicco powder does not have the parabens though.

In the meantime, looks like I will be sticking to my usual fennel toothpaste.

~ by honeybeeluvsjackfruit on February 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “Vicco”

  1. Yum – fennel toothpaste? Where do you get that???
    When I lived in Argentina a long time ago, I used to love this herbal Colgate they had there – a few years later they introduced it in the US, but it definitely wasn’t the same…

  2. I haven’t heard of vicco, but I’ve used the toms of maine fennel and like that a whole lot.

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