To India and beyond!?

OK, this might be a bit premature to say, but I can’t help myself…

We might be moving to India. There I said it.

It’s not definite, but if so, it would be in the very near future. As you can imagine, I have a TON of things to say about this!!! Plus a hundred different thoughts and emotions.

Stay Tuned…

~ by honeybeeluvsjackfruit on January 3, 2009.

7 Responses to “To India and beyond!?”

  1. Hi thanks for posting a comment on my blog, I replied to your comment there. I will try blogging a bit more, I just had a hectic end of year 🙂
    Where in india will you move?

  2. Oh my gosh! This is huge news! Is it a positive change of events taking you in this direction, or just a desire for a life change? Please keep us posted.

  3. Hi Cyn, I must say I also enjoy your green blog. I understand about it being hectic. I need to start blogging more regularly myself. Oh, and we would be headed to Bangalore!

    Elizabeth… I know, its huge!! Positive, hmm, it is yet to be determined 🙂 There are mitigating factors. I can divulge more as things actually start happening, I hope.

  4. IT?

  5. I’ve been living in Banglore for 4 years out of my 5 years in India, this is a big city, with international amenities as well as less international ones, and by far one of the best city in India to live in 🙂

  6. If I moved to India, the bureacratic delays and glitches at every steps to take care of simple administrative things that we take so much for granted in US would drive me crazy otherwise I would love all the domestic help that one takes for granted over there and is unthinkable here. Am I making sense? Hope it works out for you guys. Keep us posted as this is something that would be really interesting to me personally.

  7. RBK, yes it totally makes sense. Those kind of daily hassles do intimidate me. But at least there is some trade off, na? 🙂

    If/when we get there, I definitely plan on sharing it all!

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