My genius Jackfruit and his incredible grains

grainI’m a bit of a health freak but JF is probably freakier. He believes that if one thing is good, mixing a bunch of good things must be even better. Maybe he is right.

Sometimes we have a mix of grains instead of rice. It sounds creepy but its actually pretty good! And its completely his invention.

Soak equal parts of the following:




Wild rice

Bring to boil along with 2:1 parts of water

Reduce to a simmer and add in (faster cooking)

Red and white quinoa



Roasted buckwheat (kasha)

He also throws in some whole spices.

Cover and cook around 15 mins. Voila.

**Be sure to add in enough water in 2:1 ratio for the latter grains as well**

~ by honeybeeluvsjackfruit on January 2, 2009.

3 Responses to “My genius Jackfruit and his incredible grains”

  1. That actually sounds really, really good. JF, I’d suspect you’d love Muesli – look for it the next time you’re in a health store or European foods store (or Europe).

  2. Guess what, we just bought some “made in switzerland” a couple weeks ago! Not sure how authentic but it was good! 🙂

  3. It does sound really good. I’ve been thinking about an alternative to rice, but haven’t experimented with other grains yet… We’ll have to try this mix! thx for posting it 🙂

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