Deep Fried PDA

Recently we spent a few hours down at the state fair. Besides all the Mccain/Obama stickers(What is the need to advertise this on your body at a statefair? Really?) we noticed a couple of things.

First, there was the food. It seems like 60% of the fair was food, and 99% of it was deepfried, or meat, or both. Not to mention there were only the same few things, just 15-20 of each(15 funnel cake booths, 18 corn dog stands, etc). Deep fried turkey legs eaten like cavemen eating lollypops. Fried oreos, twinkies, snickers bars, cheesecakes. Not even the poor vegetables could escape the deepfryer…. green tomatoes, okra, sweet potatoes. Anything you can imagine, it was there and it was submerged in a vat of oil. Is it a wonder that Americans have weight problems?

Speaking of things which are “hot”…. I had the honour of observing some lovey-dovies who were kind enough to share their intense and unabashed love of each other with the whole audience. So sweet really. {BARF}

I can’t understand why there is a sudden urge and need to show passion in public. Why not do these things privately? Nibbling of necks, snuggling your legs around each other and holding of butts are really too intimate for me and everyone else(including kids) to see. It’s as inappropriate as fighting in public. Keep your dirty laundry and your dirty deeds at home!

Or just go and lick your fried twinkie instead.

~ by honeybeeluvsjackfruit on October 20, 2008.

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