And now introducing… the triplets

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The Daredevil- this one is always up to something behind moms back, usually involving climbing and jumping from high places

The Mamma's Boy- he is the sensitive one with a sweet soul. Not saying I play favorites, but... SOMEONE sure loves to help mom in the kitchen.

The Boss- don't let that cute smile fool you. She loves telling her brothers what to do, and has daddy wrapped around her finger.


Yeah, I have too much time on my hands… I just might make some more, lol. I may or may not have a habit of overdoing jokes, you see.


What our child would look like…

•November 11, 2010 • 2 Comments

Yeah, I had to jump on the bandwagon of Sharell, Badbhabi, Pyari , Gori Rajkumari, Jubeee and others.

And here is the result :

The Thinker- introverted and philosphical, he is the one asking me "why?" 50,000 times a day.


Is it just me, or does he already have some stubble! Jeesh.

Maybe I need to make another baby… erm…. online baby that is.

How to date an Indian

•November 9, 2010 • 2 Comments

Something took me to huffingtonpost, and one thing led to another…
And I stumbled upon this article.. titled How to Date an Indian (Advice for the Non-Indian) by Andrea Miller who is married to a man from Delhi. The responses ranged from those who were almost outraged to those who thought it was ridiculous to the people who found it amusing. I only read the first page of comments (out of 7!) but one commenter caught my eye.  Krishanu Karmakar writes “Why should I (as an Indian guy) expect my non-Indian date (not wife or girlfriend, note it please) to have a favourite bollywood film, hero or heroine?”. I think this resonates with me because I never think someone should try to be too fake just to impress a date or try too hard to be someone they are not. That would, in fact, totally turn me off! Now, if someone genuinely had those interests, its fine to share, but just learning about bollywood stars to score points with your Indian interest? Lame.

Anyway, Im sure the author’s intent was harmless and meant to be taken in jest (I hope). Guess Im too serious, lol. But, I don’t find it offensive either.

What do you think??

The ‘not so big’ reveal

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Here is the news I wanted to share with you all… I have started another blog.

This time the focus is on…. FOOD! I’m planning to post lots of Indian and non-Indian recipes. COME VISIT ME  @ HONEYBEECOOKSJACKFRUIT.WORDPRESS.COM

Good Eatin’!!

Welcome Fall

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Fall is in full swing. For the past few days the weather has turned downright chilly. We can hardly complain, since it is now November. I’m just not a cold weather girl!!  But it’s the perfect time to enjoy a hot cuppa chai. 🙂 Here is the pretty view from my backdoor…

Summer bee

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I took a few pics over the summer…. Oh how I miss those warm days now!





I took a few pics over the summer…. Oh how I miss those warm days now!

Where have I been?!?!

•October 26, 2010 • 2 Comments


Nothing really exciting happened, certainly no exotic travels abroad, unfortunately. Forgot my password for a while, and was too “busy” to blog. Sigh.

I’m hoping to get back to blogging more, and there is something new in the works.

Should I tell? Should I keep you waiting?